The Triple Play Get ThereCollege Recruiting & Athletic Scholarship Program


You need a roadmap ( or GPS ) or you will get lost! You will also get frustrated, afraid, negative and overwhelmed. The same goes for great athletes and families like yours…without a Recruiting Plan you will get lost. Do you think about …
  • Where to start?
  • What to do?
  • Why you need to do it?
  • When you need to do it?
  • How do you make it all happen when your lives are so busy?

The GET THERE program is an affordable, easy to follow, step by step course that teaches male and female student athletes ( and parents ) how to get to the college/university level with the scholarships they deserve. No matter whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior…the time to start is NOW!


Free Trial Offer

The first three Modules, PreGame Show, Ground Rules and Triads, and Game Plan / Timeline are free, to give you a sense of what the Get There Program is all about.

We do ask that you go through the process of adding Triple Play Free Access to your shopping cart and checking out so that you have registered with Triple Play. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access all three free modules  and have an account to log in to Triple Play Athletic Promotion.

The other 10 Modules can be purchased for the price of $399.00. Simply add Triple Play Paid Access to your shopping cart and go through the checkout procedure. From there you will have full access to Modules 4 – 13. Just return to the OnLine Courses page at anytime and click on the video you wish to view.

Modules 4-13 are organized like a baseball game…with 9 innings of play ( 9 videos ) and a postgame wrap up at the end.  Each video or inning focuses on a specific area that influences the decisions recruiters make.

Get ready to make your dreams come true!