Who We Are

Bill Green, owner and founder of TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS, is a highly motivated, inspirational school principal, father, coach, professional consultant and former athlete who has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your ultimate academic and athletic goals. His understanding of the needs of extremely busy student athletes and parents from both the school and sport perspectives has led him to coaching hundreds of families during the often overwhelming process of college recruiting and scholarships.

Bill understands the huge commitment that athletes and their families make. He also knows that too many student athletes do not follow through with their dreams of playing at the college or university level because they freeze in their tracks, not knowing how to navigate the recruiting process. Bill knows what it takes to get you to the next level. Bill’s experience with his own son, at the provincial/state, national, junior college, university, professional and Major League levels will arm you with everything you need to follow through on your dreams.

Just as athletes need specialized coaching in their chosen sport, they also need specialized coaching in how to plan, prepare and promote themselves as student athletes.


Our Story

Our own family experience with my son, Taylor, taught us a lot about how to help young athletes fulfill their dreams.

Here’s our story.

This Is What a Professional Coach Has To Say About Bill

Al Mauthe is a professional hitting coach most recently with the Boston Red Sox organization during their 2004 & 2007 World Series Championship Seasons. With two World Series rings to his credit and a wealth of insight, Alan retired from professional baseball in 2008 in order to continue with his passion for helping players reaching their full potential. Al is the founder of BaseballAcademy.com and the Train for Excellence Program. Combined, his students have received millions of dollars in college scholarships and professional signing bonuses. Alan has worked extensively with youth associations, high school and college programs, national team members. In addition he has worked with numerous professional and major league players.