Module 11: 8th Inning – Life

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The lives of student athletes are very busy and it is difficult to fit it all in! For that reason you must become an expert at time management. In order to succeed in life we need balance. This video explores your LIFE in general and how you can achieve balance and fun as well as personal excellence in school and sport.

Serious student athletes need to accept that they will not have the same “balance” as friends who do not have similar Ultimate Goals. At the same time, it is important to ensure that busy student athletes do not “burn out.” In this section you must be extremely honest with yourselves and ask yourself whether you have the discipline ( MAKEUP ) and drive ( REASONS WHY ) to manage your time effectively to fit it all in! Where and how you spend your time and focus will have a huge impact on whether you achieve your Ultimate Goals.

There are 4 “F Bombs” that are destroying too many great student athletes’ dreams….lack of FOCUS, due to FATIGUE which is often caused by poor FOOD choices and FHONES ( PHONES ). Recruiters are watching how you perform. If you are fatigued, your footwork and decision making will be slower. If you are fatigued you simply will not perform at the level you need to to draw the attention of recruiters. They will cross you off their lists!

You must develop daily routines, habits and behaviors around your priority to achieve your Ultimate Goals. This includes finding time to study, do the extra practice and training, get the right amount of sleep etc. Look at our routines and see where you can be more efficient and effective. Do you need to workout for 1.5 hours when you should be finished in 45 minutes? Should you be hanging out with friends when you have work to do? How much time does your phone steal from you every day? Video games? Social Media? Ask yourself if you are serious about attaining your dreams! If so, use the LIFE section to commit yourself to becoming the best student, athlete and human being you can be.


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