Module 5: 2nd inning – Reasons Why

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Now that you know what you want…your Ultimate Athletic and Academic Goals, you need to know WHY you want them.

Your Ultimate Goals are the fire! Your Reasons Why are the logs you throw on the fire. Each time you throw a log on the fire, the fire gets bigger, brighter, hotter and burns longer. You need an intense burning fire/drive within you to achieve your Ultimate Goals so it is very important that you develop an extensive list of Reasons Why you want to achieve your goals. During this 2nd inning of play your job is to brainstorm a huge list of reasons why. Remember, each reason why will provide you with the “juice,” motivation, drive and fire to catapult you to your Ultimate Goals. Work as a family to come up with as many reasons as you possibly can. Add to your list regularly! Get into your guts…how would it really feel to achieve your ultimate goals? Use powerful words to describe your feelings. Words have power and powerful words will connect your emotions to your goals and you will be driven to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way.

Here are some examples of Reasons Why…

• How will you feel when you achieve your Ultimate Goals? Proud? Happy? Ecstatic? Crazy good? Phenomenal?
• How will your parents feel? Your siblings and relatives?
• Living your life with no regrets is a powerful reason why
• Will you inspire younger student athletes?
• Will it be a dream come true?
• How will it feel to play a game as your job?
• achieve your academic potential
• make a difference in the lives of others
• never have to worry about money
• pay my parents back for all their support

Have fun!


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