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”Top coaches from the NCAA have called Triple Play Athletics the missing link in the player development and collegiate recruiting process.”

do you want?

do you want it?

are you going to get there?

The TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS  workshop will help you zero in on these 3 critical questions …

Our comprehensive TRIPLE PLAY ATHLETICS PLAN will draw important connections between what recruiters want and your daily actions, habits and behaviours.  These connections will save you time, money and energy and help you enjoy the process!

Get That Scholarship

  • The GET THERE Athletic Scholarship and College Recruiting Mentorship Program is a highly motivating workshop that inspires male and female student athletes of all sports to achieve their academic and athletic dreams. High school athletes and their parents invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year training and...

Get Recruited

  • Triple Play Athletics is quickly becoming the premier option for serious athletes who want to get to the next level.  Triple Play is an affordable, professional consulting, mentoring and planning service that helps athletes and parents design comprehensive plans to recruit colleges and universities and get the scholarship they deserve....