Module 7: 4th Inning – School

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Your plan will now begin to take shape as we look at your role as a student. Remember, our goal is create CHOICE for you so you can find the college/university that is the best fit for you. As a student athlete your performance in school is one of the most important things you need to look after. The better your performance, the more colleges and universities will be interested in you. Colleges will also be much more willing to give you scholarship money when your performance is good. Your high school grades may give you the opportunity to play your sport at the collegiate level over a more talented athlete who is not as good in the classroom. However, it is important to understand that you don’t need to be an allstar in the classroom to get the opportunity to play at some colleges. The key is to always strive to do your best in school regardless of your academic capability.

Student athletes spend a significant portion of their time at school. We need to find creative ways of finding you time while at school to work on homework, fitness, skills and promotion. How can you use your time and courses at school to help you get the best grades, save time and energy and focus you on your Ultimate Goals?

As a high school student you need to ensure that you have the courses you need to graduate from high school as well as fulfill prerequisite requirements for your area of study at college/university. You need to enlist the expertise of your school counselor to help you design your high school course load to help you achieve your Ultimate Goals. Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice in this area.

In this inning, be honest with yourself! Look at your habits and behaviors regarding school. Are you cheating yourself? If so, then use your Planning Chart to identify how you are going to change your actions. Ask yourself…
• how well do I pay attention in class?
• Where do I sit? Who do I sit with it?
• What do I do when I don’t understand something?
• Do I use a planner to keep track of assignments etc?
• Do I study? Where and when do I study?
• Where is my phone when I am in class or studying?


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