Module 12: 9th Inning – Promotion

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The previous videos have identified the areas that recruiters are looking for. You have developed a plan to become better at SCHOOL, MAKEUP, SKILLS, FITNESS and LIFE. Now you’re ready to promote! Don’t make the mistake of promoting yourself before you are prepared in each of these areas. You must promote a quality product!

Promotion is woven into everything you have written on your Planning Chart already. When you seek experts to help you, you put them on your resume to promote yourself. When you visit colleges and speak to coaches and trainers about how to improve your skills and fitness you are promoting yourself. The best way to promote yourself is to become outstanding in SCHOOL, SKILLS, FITNESS, MAKEUP and LIFE!

You also need to connect with recruiters by developing a Target list of colleges, contacting coaches via email, personal visits, phone calls, letters, postcards etc. Producing a skills video is an absolute must. You should look at inviting recruiters to come and see you play or attend one of the college’s prospect camps. Many athletes are attending showcases and playing on travel teams to gain exposure.

Gaining the attention of recruiters is a team effort in which you want to enlist the help of your own personal BOARD OF GOVERNORS…the people that can help you connect with recruiters! Your parents, coaches, teachers, experts, community members etc. can all be on your Board of Governors. Share your Ultimate Goals with them and ask them to help you get there. You will be amazed at the power of their support and connections.

Promotion takes a lot of work and those families that are proactive with their promoting are usually far more successful in achieving the choice they desire. The earlier you get on the radars of colleges the better. Your goal is to make the recruiters’ job easier by feeding them the info they want.


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