Module 8: 5th Inning – Makeup

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Recruiters are looking for great students, great athletes and great human beings. “Makeup” is the word that commonly refers to what a person is made of. Makeup includes character, honesty, work ethic, drive, leadership, confidence, personality, coach”ability”, ability to deal with adversity, team work, attitude etc. These qualities are somewhat “intangible” in that they are hard to measure. But make no mistake about it, recruiters can identify these qualities in an instant and use them to make decisions about who they are going to recruit. Your makeup displays itself everywhere. Your makeup in school affects your makeup as an athlete and vice versa. Student athletes with exceptional makeup are often chosen over athletes with more skill because they are better investments of the coach’s time, money and energy. Your makeup can be the great equalizer when it comes to being recruited. You may not have the same physical skills as another player but your relentless work ethic, ability to deal with pressure and perform in the “clutch” can make all the difference in the world.

Think about your makeup at school…are you coachable? Do you do extra practice ( study? )? How do you handle difficult assignments? Are you prepared? Respectful? Driven? Self Disciplined? Prompt?

Your makeup pervades everything you do…in school, in the gym, at practice, during games, socially, academically etc. Start drawing connecting lines between Makeup and School and then continue drawing these lines as you go through the rest of the videos. Are your test results connected to your determination, focus, attitude or confidence? Does the way you sit in class display a positive, engaged attitude?

Think about these connections…your Reasons WHY are the fire for you to achieve your Ultimate Goals. Your Reasons WHY are the source of your drive, determination and work ethic which in turn have a huge impact on performance at school as well as Fitness, Skills, Life and Promotion.


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