Module 4: 1st inning – Ultimate Goals

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Congratulations for joining the hundreds of families who are enjoying the Triple Play Athletics College Recruiting and Athletic Scholarship Program. By purchasing this program you will learn what you need to do draw the attention of college and university recruiters. You will be designing your own personalized PLAN OF ACTION to make sure you identify the key things that recruiters are looking for and then take the daily actions to achieve them.

The GET THERE video program is organized like a baseball game…with 9 innings of play ( 9 videos ) and a postgame wrap up at the end. Each video or inning focuses on a specific area that influences the decisions recruiters make.

The first and most important step in developing your ACTION PLAN is to figure out exactly what you want. These are you ULTIMATE GOALS. In this 1st inning video I want you to dream and dream BIG! Get out your notebook and pens and go for it!

Your Ultimate Athletic and Academic Goals are your dream goals. They will provide the foundation for every decision and action that you take in the coming months and years. It is very important that you do not hold back and limit yourself. If your ultimate athletic goal is to play professionally or for the national team in the Olympics then write it down. Don’t be afraid or think you don’t have a chance. Get really specific and provide details….What pro or college team will you play for? What number will you wear? Will you win a gold medal , play in the World Cup or be inducted into the Hall of Fame? When you will you get drafted? What team will draft you? How much are you going to get for a signing bonus?

Do the same for your ultimate academic goal. What university will you attend? What will you study? How much scholarship money are you going to receive? What job will you have when you get your degree?

Your ultimate athletic and academic goals are your TARGETS…the things you dream of achieving. Do not be “realistic” when doing this exercise! Go for it! Your dreams are your FIRE!


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