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This free trial of the Triple Play Athletics GET THERE Program will give you a sneak peek of the College Recruiting and Athletic Scholarship mentorship program that is quickly becoming the premier option for student athletes wanting to play at the collegiate level.

The GET THERE Program has been instrumental in helping male and female athletes of all sports fulfill their academic and athletic goals. This online version of the GET THERE Program includes 13 instructional videos along with a host of support resources targeted to help student athletes get recruited and obtain the scholarship they desire. The 3 videos included in this trial will develop a framework of understanding that will help you master the Recruiting Game as you complete the entire GET THERE Program.

In this free trial, Bill Green, the owner and founder of Triple Play Athletics takes you through the Pregame Show, Basic Ground Rules and Game Plan necessary in the development and implementation of your step by step, personalized Recruiting Plan.

This online program will allow you to work as a family in the comfort of your own home on your own timeline. The GET THERE Program will ensure that parents and student athletes utilize their resources of time, money and energy wisely as they work together to take charge of their busy lives.

This GET THERE Program free trial will engage and motivate you to take the next steps by registering for the complete GET THERE online workshop.


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